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Standard Market BIPA Settlement

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company v. The Standard Market, LLC
and Leen Abusalem
Case No. 2020MR000276
In the Circuit Court of the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit
DuPage County, Illinois, Chancery Division

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TO: All 2,082 members of the judgment creditor class in the action Leen Abusalem, individually and as the representative of a class of similarly situated persons v. The Standard Market, LLC, Case No. 2019 L 000517 (the “BIPA Class Action”), meaning the 2,082 individuals working for The Standard Market LLC (“Standard Market”) in the State of Illinois who had their fingerprints or finger scans collected, captured, received, obtained, maintained, stored, transmitted, or disclosed between May 9, 2014 and February 22, 2020 by Standard Market.

You were sent a notice in 2021 describing a lawsuit captioned Leen Abusalem et al. v. The Standard Market, LLC, Case No. 2019 L 000517 (the “BIPA Action”) that was brought in this Court. The notice informed you that Leen Abusalem (“Abusalem”) was appointed Class Representative and Abusalem’s attorneys were appointed Class Counsel. The Class Representative and Class Counsel won a judgment pursuant to a settlement in the BIPA Action in 2021 and have sought to collect that judgment from Standard Market’s insurer, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company (“West Bend”), in this case. The Court has ordered the Settlement Administrator to send this notice to you because the parties have reached a settlement and, according to records produced in the BIPA Action, you appear to be a member of the Settlement Class defined above.


Submit a Claim Form To claim your share of the Settlement Fund, you must complete and return to the Settlement Administrator a signed Claim Form or submit a claim online, no later than October 18, 2023.
Do Nothing If you do nothing, you will stay in the Settlement Class, be bound by any judgment entered by the Court, and you will release your claims against West Bend but you will receive no payment unless you submit a Claim Form.
Exclude Yourself
You can exclude yourself from the class action and the settlement by August 21, 2023.
Object Write to the Court explaining why you don’t like the Settlement by August 21, 2023.
Go to the Hearing
Ask to speak in Court about your opinion of the Settlement.